The Weather in Sydney in November

The Weather in Sydney in November

If you're planning a trip to Sydney, Australia in November, then there are five things about Sydney weather in November you should know. So read on, for tips about what to expect, what to pack, and more!

#1: It Can Get HOT!


ydney, like other cities in the Southern Hemisphere, experience their summers over the end of the calender year – so when it's snowing in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is out in Sydney! Average tempratures during the day are around 24 degrees celsius, or 75 farhenheit, but the highest November temprature ever measured in the city was more than 40 degrees celsius, or 107 farhenheit!

Make sure wherever you book, there's air conditioning, because in Sydney, November

can be very hot indeed!

#2: It'll Probably Rain

Sydney experiences rainfall all year round – although it's hardly ever very cold rain! In fact, the average volume of rain per month of the year only differs by a few milliliters per month, so you're likely to have at least one rainy day if you stay in the city for a while – even in summer!

Summer rains in Sydney are refreshing though, so if you don't like getting wet, buy an umbrella, but don't let a little rain stop you from exploring and enjoying the outdoors in the city!

#3: It Can Get Chilly

Snow in Sydney is unheard of – especially in November. However, you should

know that even in November, and in other summer months, it's not impossible for the temprature to fall to around 15 degrees celsius, or 60 degrees farhenheit. The lowest temprature recorded for this time of year, in fact, is around 7.7 degrees celsius, or 46 degrees farhenheit!

The good news is that even when it's a little cold in Sydney in November, a sweater or coat is all you'll need to get through it. So leave your scarves and down filled coats at home!

#4: It's the Second Sunniest Month of the Year!

In November, Sydney gets, on average, around 234 hours of sunlight. That means that the only month with more sunny hours is December! The sun in the Southern Hemisphere is particularly dangerous, in terms of UV rays though, so make sure you stock up on a high SPF sunscreen before or after you arrive for your Sydney holiday!

#5: It's Perfect for Outdoor Activities!

The final thing you need to know, when it comes to our most important 5 things about Sydney Weather in November is that it's absolutely perfect for outdoor activities. Hiking, swimming, bicycling, picnics and other outdoor and adventure activities are the order of the day for locals and visitors alike. So if you love outdoor adventures, then this is a great city to visit in November!

The weather in Sydney is generally mild and temperate. In fact, you can visit the city anytime of the year, and expect to have clear skies and sunny days on at least a few of the days you're in the city. However, the summer really is the best time to spend time in Sydney, and November is one of the best summer months to visit. So if you're planning a trip down under, remember these tips, and plan accordingly!

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